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All of our babies are handled since birth and therefore are very friendly. We do not buy donkeys for resale and only very rarely add new animals to our herd. All donkeys are sold with health records showing dates of vaccination and worming. We will also include an informative sheet about the basic care of your new donkey and welcome any questions you may have before or after the sale. Donkeys will not do well by themselves and should be kept with another donkey in order for them to be well adjusted and happy. (Please also read terms of sale on the bottom of the page).

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Note:  Pictures are thumbnails. Therefore you may click any picture to see a larger version.

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Pets only - No breeding & retired Jennies

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We usually retire our jennies between 10 - 12 years of age.

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Like several of our other girls Brazil will be available to a retirement home after she weans her foal at the end of Feb. 2019. Or she can be purchased with her current jack foal (Pizarro - see below)


Sweet Moma

approx 14 years and a really sweet, small and pretty girl! She is not registered. Picture to be added.

Will only sell to a non-breeding home -
Price: $600

DOB: 05. May 2013
To a non-breeding home only after she weans her foal.


Fancy Pockets

DOB: Just turned 13 years old
To a retirement home only! No breeding!

Price: $750

12 years old

To a retirement home only! No breeding! We think Is-A-Bella will do best in a quieter home without many small kids around as unusual situations can scare her. She will definitely need a donkey friend. Otherwise she is a sweet girl. She is a pretty girl. 

Price: $700

To a retirement home only either with her jenny foal (Andalusia) or after her foal is weaned in Feb. 2019! No breeding! 12 years old.
Price: $750



Jacks and Geldings

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For more information e-mail us at or or call us at 270-753-9270 - discounts apply if more than one donkey is purchased. Information on parentage of the foals can be seen on the respective year's foal pages. Jacks will sell as pets to make them more affordable for everyone - (no papers unless otherwise stated). If you are interested in registration please inquire. Boys are not microchipped.

DOB: 08. Sept. 2018
color: brown/bay pattern

Price: $ $750 or



DOB: 05. Oct. 2018
Color: light red

old or



Pizarro (absolultely cute baby)
DOB: 10. Oct. 2018
color: very dark brown/NLP
Price: $800
Can also be purchased with his moma (13 years old) for $1450 (mom to retirement home only). or

DOB: 23. Oct. 2018


Clover Bud
DOB: 04. Oct. 2018
Color: light gray


DOB: 11. Sept. 2018
color: brown/bay pattern





Jennies - Jenny/Foal pairs

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DOB: 03. April 2018
color: black with star

Price: $ 1400
$2800 for both Maluma and Athena or





DOB: 06. June 2018
color: Brown/bay pattern - wooly gene (floppy

Price: $ 1500
$2800 for both Maluma and Athena or


Brazil and Pizarro
DOB: 10. Oct. 2018 and 05. April 2006

One couldn't ask for a sweeter girl than Brazil and her jack foal is beautiful. Brazil is only offered to a retirement home (no more breeding). Price: $700 for Brazil and $800 for her jack foal - or $1450 for both. or

DOB: 10. Sept. 2018
Frosted Spotted White
out of Marillya and Cash
Price: $2300 or

DOB: 14. Sept. 2018
color: dark gray-dun

Sweet compact baby.


Andina and Zambezi
DOB: 17. Sept. 2018 and 29. April 2011
color: Dark Brown
She is always happy to see us and wraps herself around our legs. A really sweet girl.

Andina (mother) Price: $1000

Andina is still available
Zambezi is Sold or

DOB: 06. Nov. 2018
out of Pam and Custer
Very dark girl
Price: $1800


Bunny and Balero
DOB: 11. Sept. 2018
color: brown/bay pattern

Super cute little boy and very sweet mom. Bunny is 12 years old and will only sell to a retirement home. Package price $1400 or $750 each if purchased seperately.

 Both Mom and Baby are Sold

DOB: 19 Sept. 2018
color: brown/gray dun foal coat

Sold or



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Mature  Open Jennies

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All jennies sell either already registered - or with application for registration unless stated otherwise. Parentage information and newborn pictures can be seen on the respective year's foal page. All mature girls are microchipped. 

For more information e-mail us at or or call us at 270-753-9270 - discounts apply if more than one donkey is purchased. Click on the donkey's name to see more information including previous foals.

DOB: 29. April 2011
Price: $1000


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Terms of Sale

The purchase price is for the purchase of the animals only. Unless otherwise stated a coggins test is not included in the sale. If the purchaser requires a coggins test, that cost will be added to the purchase price of the animal. If a coggins test is needed we need a 2 week's notice before the animal is scheduled to leave. A non-refundable down payment of normally half of the purchase price is required to hold any donkey. The remainder is due before the animal can leave our premises. We do not accept out of state personal checks at pick up time. At pick up only "cash", "cashier's checks" or "money orders"  from well-known banks will be accepted. For the down payment a personal check will be accepted provided it has a couple of weeks to clear the bank. We do accept Pay-Pal, but a (3% fee will be charged to the customer). This is the fee that Pay-Pal charges us. Please contact us if you have any questions about our terms or if there are special circumstances. We work with our customers any way we can.                      

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