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All of our babies are handled since birth and therefore are very friendly. We do not buy donkeys for resale and have not added any new animals to our herd in several years. All donkeys are sold with health records showing dates of vaccination and worming. We will also include an informative sheet about the basic care of your new donkey and welcome any questions you may have before or after the sale. Almost all of our donkeys are microchipped including new female foals.

Note:  Pictures are thumbnails. Therefore you may click any picture to see a larger version.

Pets only - No breeding & retired Jennies

Spotted - DOB: 01. April 2004  - 33"
Diamond is a pretty jenny that has given us beautiful foals
Price: $500 as a pet

Dark Gray-dun -  " 32 1/4"
DOB: 19. July 2002
Tapioka has been with us for a very long time. She is looking for her forever retirement home.
Price: 450

32 3/4" - Dark Brown
DOB: Aug. 2004
Price: $500

32 3/4 dark brown/gray-dun3
DOB: July 2004
Price: $500

32 1/2" dark brown
DOB: 6. May 2007
We have only tried to breed Neetahlah once and she didn't get pregnant. Since we significantly have reduced our breeding program we have not attempted to breed her again. We are therefore selling her as a pet since we simply do not know if she is breedable.
Price: $600

Color: light brown - 31 1/2"
DOB: 26. May 2002
Tina has had outstanding foals - in exotic colors.
She is a bit on the shy side but she loves her treats and is a very special, beautiful, small girl.
Price: $

Red Brown Roan - 32 3/4"
DOB: 01. March 2004
Stella has beautiful color, beautiful face and is a fine boned jenny. She has had beautiful foals mostly dark red and mahagony red.
Price: $450

Color: Dark Brown
13. Sept. 2001
33 1/4"
Price: $400 or

Tapioka and Lakota
Color: gray-dun w. Star
DOB: 06. Sept. 2009
micro chipped
Pic. taken 30. Sept. 2012
Reduced Price: $500 (pet price) or

Little Friends Miss Kenya
34" Dark Brown
DOB: 10. Aug. 2005
Price: $500 or

Amigo's Be My Valentine
32 1/2" Dark Brown
DOB: 14. Feb. 2004
Price $500

Little Friends Molasses
33 3/4" - Dark Brown
DOB: 16. June 2004
Price: $500 or






Little Friends Powder Puff
34"- Red Gray-Dun with star on forehead
DOB: 16. June 2004
Reduced Price:
$500 or

Little Friends Red Velvet
34 3/4" Red
DOB: 18. May 2005
Price: $750

McMillan's Cameo
34 1/2" Brown MSF
DOB: 20. April 2005
Beautiful Color!
Reduced Price: $750


Mature  Open Jennies

All jennies sell either already registered - or with application for registration unless stated otherwise. Parentage information and newborn pictures can be seen on the respective year's foal page. Most of our girls are microchipped.

For more information e-mail us at or or call us at 270-753-9270 - discounts apply if more than one donkey is purchased. Click on the donkey's name to see more information including previous foals.


Lucky 7
Tinker Bell & Sundance Gray-Dun
DOB: 12. Sept. 2008
35 1/2"
Sold to Bradford to Tennessee

Valentine and Nacho
Color: Red (Beautiful)
DOB: 9. April
Price: $
Picture taken April2014 or



Tumbleweed (on right)
Pockets and Nacho
Color: Red Roan
DOB: 08. May
Price: $ or






Miss Morocco
Kirsty and Sundance
Color: Gray-White Spotted
DOB: 23. April 2012
Sold to Texas
Miracle Whip)
Pictures taken: April 2014 or

Jolly and Nessi (Baroness)
Color: Red
DOB: 29. April 2011
32 1/2" at 18 months
Picture July 2015 or

Lucky Charm and Jolly
Color: Rose/Dun/Brown/Dark Gray - lots of red
DOB: 29. July 2011
30 3/4"
Price: $1400
 Picture taken July 2015

Sundance and Flopsy
Color: Dark Brown/NLP
Dob: 29. April 2011
Price: $1000
Picture July 2015 or

Sundance and Bacardi
Color: Dark Brown
DOB: 14. April
micro chipped
Price: $1000
32 3/4"

Red Savina
Baroness and Jolly
micro chipped
33 3/4"
DOB: 08. March 2009

Reduced Price:: $1000

Skwentna and Sundance
Color: gray-dun, NLP
DOB: 15. August 2009
33 1/4"
micro chipped
Price: $1250
Pic. taken 30. Sept. 2012 or

Cameo and Sundance
dark brown/NLP
DOB: 27. April 2009
micro chipped
Price: $1200
Pic. taken 30. Sept 2012 or

Pic. from: 08/09
Alla & Sundance
Dark Brown/Gray-Dun NLP
DOB:13. Nov.
33 1/4"
Pic. taken 30. Sept. 2012 or

Pic: 08/09
Silvermist & Lakota
Dark Gray-Dun -  NLP
DOB: 10. Sept. 2008
33 1/2"
Reduced Price: $1200
Pic. taken 30. Sept. 2012

Wind Songs Petra
34 3/4"
Dark Brown
13. May 2007
$650 or $1200 for both Petra and Venezia or

Wind Songs Venezia
Updated Height to be added Brown/Gray-Dun
18. May 2007
Price: $650 or $1200 for both Venezia and Petra

Brandy & Lakota
Dark Brown/roan (Beautiful
frosted face)
                     08. March 2007

Price: $800


Jacks and Geldings

For more information e-mail us at or or call us at 270-753-9270 - discounts apply if more than one donkey is purchased. Information on parentage of the foals can be seen on the respective year's foal pages. Jacks will sell as pets to make them more affordable for everyone - (no papers unless otherwise stated). If you are interested in registration please inquire. Boys are not microchipped.

We currently have no little boys for sale...

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